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Market Trader April 14th, 2017 - In This Week


£1m of fakes in three days

In just three days last month officials at East Midlands Airport seized counterfeit goods, ranging from designer handbags to Nike trainers, with a street value of more than £1m.

Turn to page 2 for more.


New market for historic city

A new independent market is set to launch in a historic Somerset city which it is hoped will rival the famous Frome Independent Market, though on a much smaller scale.

Read more on page 3.


“Have a clean drink on me”

With millions of people worldwide not having easy access to clean water, a humanitarian water brand is using test packaging to urge consumers to ‘drink and think’.

Page 6 has the full story.


New £1 coin

The new £1 coin became legal tender on Tuesday 28 March. The new 12-sided coin is being rolled out across the country in a concerted effort to tackle the rise of counterfeits.

See page 7 for more information.


Tougher penalties for tobacco smuggling

Hard-core tobacco smugglers and people who repeatedly smuggle, distribute and sell illicit tobacco could be hit by a fourfold increase in fines together with tough new civil penalties, as part of plans to crackdown on the smuggling of illicit tobacco.

Please look at page 10 for the full details.


London Chat - Edgy trade show thoughts?

Historians two hundred years hence wanting, assuming they’re interested, an accurate insight into Britain in the second half of the twentieth century could do worse than read the collected cartoon annuals of the late Carl Giles of the Express. Here are the major news stories and that annual round of traditional events including the church fete blown way by a hurricane and the family booted out by a vinegar faced seaside landlady, the rain sheeting down.

Look at pages 14&15 for the rest of the story.


Study reveals consumer attitudes to retail technologies

Research highlights differing sentiments on the role of automation, drones, IoT, 3D printing, virtual reality and wearables in customer experience

The full article is on page 19.

Market Trader March 31st, 2017 - In This Week


Market Reflections - Budget thoughts

Aside from showing that many a so called ‘business journalists’ didn’t really know how self-employed National Insurance worked (or that we don’t all use white vans) this year’s day after newspaper Budget Specials were about as useless as usual. In reality it takes nearly a fortnight for all the gruesome detail to really hit home and many a loudly trumpeted measure to vaporize into thin air. For a 2017 example of that take the £300m Business Rates Discretionary Relief Pot. Ignoring the fact that ‘millions of pounds’ are not quite as impressive as they sound these days and resisting the temptation to divide that sum by the number of businesses in the country – see what I mean by vaporizing? – what does it mean?

Turn to pages 6&7 for more.


Trader celebrates 35 years on popular market

Say hello to a good buy is the motto of trader Tony Hill, who celebrates 35 years as a stallholder on Greater Manchester’s Bury Market this month.

Read more on page 10.


London Chat

Holidays mean this column is being well in advance so I though I’d take a look at reaction in London to the Budget and in particular the thorny issue of Business Rates. London Boroughs are amongst the very worst affected. As the chart shows the capital has faced some of the biggest rises in Rateable Value and, therefore, take and looks to gain most from the £300m discretionary relief scheme outlined by Mr Hammond. But as I mentioned in Market Reflections this is not what it seems on the surface and the money, which is to be made available between now and 2020 will taper off over four years. Before any of it is paid out there will be a consultation on just how to run the scheme.

Pages 14&15 have the full story.


Bolton food fest chefs revealed

Take a dash of Ainsley Harriott, a pinch of Simon Rimmer, a sprinkling of James Martin, then stir together with Michael Caines – and what do you have?

See page 19 for more information.


Traders are opposed to plan says stallholder

As part of the London Chat feature in our March 3-16 issue, it was reported that a scheme to build a new Market House at Romford Market had received 90 percent support following public displays of the plans within a number of town centre locations.

Please look at page 20 for the full details.


The urban myth that could kill

Burning wheelie bins doesn’t get you high – in fact, it might just make you dead

Bins are burning, and a rash of local news stories from around the UK all point to the same conclusion: Britain’s stupidest urban myth, which claims the fumes from burning wheelie bins gets you high, is back with a vengeance.

Look at page 22 for the rest of the story.


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