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FMUK Article

Join the Lighting Industry Academy as we look into lighting

Join the Lighting Industry Academy as we look into lighting

The Lighting Industry Academy ‘popped up’ at Lux Live this year. Here the LIA delivered an educational programme, where delegates gained a greater understanding of the key aspects of the lighting industry.

We held two mornings of educational sessions, targeted at the Lux Live audience. The sessions helped provide the right level of understanding to support the choosing and using of the fantastic lighting products on show at the exhibition.

Due to its success and demand from the industry, the LIA are re-running the sessions for one day only.

So do you want to know what you should consider when evaluating and comparing lighting products?

Do you know how and where to use lighting products to get the best from them?

Want to learn more? Then join us at the Lighting Industry Academy in Telford on 31st January 2018, from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

As the lighting industry changes, how we learn about it needs to change too. Lighting education had been lacking for too long and was certainly not strong enough to support the skills needed for a fast moving and evolving lighting industry.

2016 saw the LIA take on this challenge and the Lighting Industry Academy opened its doors in the September of that year. It’s been a great first year and the LIA were delighted to be invited to bring the Academy to Lux Live.

What people had to say about the LIA Lighting Academy at Lux Live:-

“I did enjoy your LIA Lighting Academy on 15 November at Excel it was very informative and mind blowing, excellent speakers and brilliant content”.

“Academy sessions were very impressive and professional”

“I have to say it was a really worthwhile morning.   The knowledge passed on was great and the speakers were really good”

Cost LIA Member and Non-Member - £25+VAT, includes buffet lunch.

Priva UK comments on the Industrial Strategy: What are the implications for BEMS manufacturers?

Priva UK comments on the Industrial Strategy: What are the implications for BEMS manufacturers?

It’s been a little while since the Industrial Strategy was released by the Business and Energy Secretary, Greg Clark MP. Gavin Holvey, UK and Ireland Sales Manager at Priva UK comments on the investment and policy details set out by the Government, and warns against losing impetus in the drive to a lower carbon, energy efficient future.

The last couple of months have seen the release of major ‘clean’, low carbon and efficiency policy announcements; with the Clean Growth Strategy in October, the Chancellor’s Budget and finally the Industrial Strategy, announced by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in November.

Mr. Holvey said, “It is crucial that world-leading innovators within the clean energy, energy efficiency and energy management space can continue to expand and develop technology, secure in the understanding of guaranteed investment and political support from government and Parliament.

“Embedded as we are within the energy sector we have intimate knowledge and experience of the influence of government policies across our customers’ businesses. We are particularly looking forward to seeing the impact that proposed government policies and investments have, such as the support for business and industry investment in R&D the government’s direct £725m investment in Challenge Fund programmes and the commitment to education in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) subjects. However, we are unlikely to see return on these immediately.

“In the short term, we need to see more action on the Paris 2015 targets to lower carbon emissions and move towards cleaner growth. According to the Industrial Strategy statement, by one estimate[1], the UK’s clean economy could grow at four times the rate of GDP.

“We will be monitoring the government’s action focused on growing the AI and data-driven economy. The Secretary of State stated that according, to a recent study[2] digital technologies, including AI, created a net total of 80,000 new jobs annually across a population similar to the UK. A separate study estimates[3] that AI could add £232bn to the UK economy by 2030.

Gavin Holvey concluded, “We hope that this presages a whole system approach, incorporating the Government investment and policies outlined above; harnessed with the potential of AI and the Transforming Construction programme; taking advantage of new techniques and existing technologies to build safer, healthier and more energy efficient places to live and work.”


[1] Ricardo Energy and Environment for the Committee on Climate Change (2017) ‘UK business opportunities of moving to a low carbon economy’ wp-content/uploads/2017/03/ED10039-CCC-UKBus-Opportunities-Draft-Final-Report-V7.pdf

[2] Mckinsey (2017), ‘Shaping the future of work in Europe’s 9 digital front-runner countries’ europe/shaping-the-future-of-work-in-europes-nine-digital-front-runner-countries

[3] PwC (2017), ‘Sizing the prize, PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study: Exploiting the AI Revolution’ gx/en/issues/data-and-analytics/publications/artificial-intelligence-study.html

Foyleside shopping centre using smarttask to ensure visitor safety through high quality fm service delivery

Foyleside shopping centre using SmartTask to ensure visitor safety through high quality FM service delivery

Foyleside Shopping Centre, the premier shopping destination in the North West of Ireland, has adopted workforce management tool SmartTask to ensure high levels of public safety and meet its duty of care commitments. Derry-based PWP Complete Maintenance has rolled out the advanced software solution to monitor onsite cleaning, maintenance, security and car park teams, while enabling staff members to quickly report any spills, hazards or other safety concerns at the retail development.

SmartTask has replaced a previous system that was no longer meeting the needs of Foyleside Shopping Centre and PWP Complete Maintenance in terms of reliability and accuracy. Following a successful trial period, the cloud-based SmartTask was selected as the preferred workforce management option. This was based on its ability provide complete visibility of all FM activity in internal and external public areas, as well as peace of mind that any safety issues are being resolved in a fast and efficient manner.

Cleaners, engineers, security officers and car park staff are now using SmartTask-enabled mobile devices to scan more than 700 RFID tags located around the shopping centre when work has been completed or checks undertaken. In addition, SmartForm functionality allows employees to quickly complete and submit electronic forms, including photographic evidence, to report any problems. PWP Complete Maintenance’s onsite control room uses SmartTask to monitor all activity, ensuring that contracted levels of service are achieved and any raised alerts are responded to.

Emmett Page at PWP Complete Maintenance commented: “We needed a workforce management solution that guaranteed high levels of reliability to avoid any issues with data loss. If we are unable prove that work took place or actions were taken to resolve a safety issue, it potentially increases liability in the event of an accident. Foyleside Shopping Centre is committed to protecting all visitors, so it’s a priority that the retail site is managed in the most responsible way possible. SmartTask has given us the added visibility and control we needed.”

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask said: “An increasing number of security, cleaning and FM operations are using our proven software solution to performance manage staff, improve employee accountability and enhance incident reporting. This is helping them to achieve reliable, efficient and high quality service delivery through improved communications, increased management control and added transparency.”

Protect Heating Systems More Than Three Times Bigger – For Less

Protect Heating Systems More Than Three Times Bigger – For Less

Sentinel Commercial’s boiler manufacturer endorsed water treatment chemicals now have more than triple the power when it comes to the protection of commercial heating systems, with each drum able to dose systems over three times larger. The new ‘Triple Power’ formulations of Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, X300 Cleaner (for new systems), and X400 Cleaner (for older systems) mean smaller or fewer drums are required for bigger jobs, a development which saves significant costs, waste and storage space, and makes for easier transportation, handling and dosing. Furthermore, the lifetime protection chemicals beat all other commercial water treatment chemicals on the market when it comes to volume of system treatment, and can be used in conjunction with all brands of dosing pots and filters, providing reliability, flexibility and value for money.  

The new Triple Power chemicals are available in 10 and 20 litre drums, and a newly introduced 5 litre drum. As an example of the benefits offered by the new range, an engineer who would previously have used a 10 litre drum to dose a 1,000 litre system can instead pick up a 5 litre drum to treat a system up to 1,667 litres – that’s a system which is 66% larger, treated by a drum half the size and weight. 

As for the larger drums, Chris Shelton, Sales Director at Sentinel Commercial, explains:

“The 10 and 20 litre drums might be the same size as before, but with a more concentrated dosage rate the contents provide much greater value to the customer. A Triple Power chemical 10 litre drum treats a system volume of 3,333 litres compared with 1,000 litres, while a 20 litre drum now doses a 6,666 litre system instead of a 2,000 litre system.”

“It’s a significant enhancement to a line of already market-leading, commercial boiler manufacturer endorsed water treatment products – the latter of which is a key consideration for warranties and on-going maintenance. Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, and our X300 and X400 cleaning chemicals have long been favoured by installers, contractors and commercial water treatment specialists dedicated to delivering best practice system cleaning and protection services; we’re proud to now offer our customers an even better range of chemicals that will make their jobs easier, faster and more efficient.”

Additional benefits of using Sentinel Commercial’s Triple Power chemicals include full technical support and resources from Sentinel Commercial, and the option to use SystemCheck, a service from Sentinel Commercial that provides prompt and independent confirmation (and therefore traceability) of correct system cleaning and inhibitor protection. 

When used as part of a best practice system of ‘clean, protect, maintain’, Sentinel Commercial’s Triple Power chemicals can deliver lifetime protection from harmful corrosion and limescale-related issues in heating systems. Briefly, best practice can be described as the correct use of suitable cleaning products (X300 or X400) for the thorough removal of debris in circulating water, the dosing of sufficient boiler manufacturer approved inhibitor (X100), and regular checking of inhibitor levels.  

Best practice water treatment is crucial to long-term system health. In the absence of best practice, commercial heating systems are vulnerable to corrosion and limescale (the latter in hard water areas), with corrosion being the number one cause of heating system breakdown. These harmful phenomena can also lead to premature repairs and parts replacements, increased energy consumption, and poor heat output, to name but a few problems. 

Sentinel Commercial’s Triple Power chemicals are widely available nationwide through commercial plumbing and building merchants. For more information please visit

Taking steps to collaborate leads to rail industry first for natural rubber matting

Taking steps to collaborate leads to rail industry first for natural rubber matting

VIP-Polymers Ltd has collaborated with other suppliers to manufacture a ground-breaking new low smoke and low toxicity natural rubber matting system for use on the London Underground.

Development of the innovative product, on behalf of Entrance Matting Systems Ltd, has been made possible by close partnership working within a supply chain specifically put together to develop it.

The material is the first natural rubber-derived compound to meet the requirements of the EN 45545-2 (2013) fire retardancy standard for the floor composite category.

It is also the first natural rubber-derived compound to meet London Underground's own standard for floor matting, which is based on EN 45545-2(2013).

The rubber was compounded by the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC), the UK-based research and promotion centre of the Malaysian Rubber Board.

It is mixed by BD Technical Polymer Ltd, in Corby, Northamptonshire, and then moulded by VIP at its factory in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

VIP's prime focus is manufacturing seals and gaskets. However, it is using its technical expertise and specialist equipment to support the development and manufacture of the new entrance mat, which is already in use in 18 stations across the London Underground network.

Neil Creasey, Entrance Matting Systems' General Manager, said: "Thanks to the collaborative approach and expertise shared across the supply chain, we have the opportunity to offer our customers an innovative, sustainable natural rubber product that we're confident already has the hallmarks of a market leader."

Peter O'Connor, Technical Services Manager at VIP, said: "This has been an excellent and very productive collaborative project, with everyone in the supply chain working very well together to develop an impressive product.

"The additives TARRC had to put into the rubber to make it fire retardant made it a demanding material to work with throughout the development and production process.

"In particular, its consistency made it challenging to mould, while retaining the finish quality needed. What VIP could bring to bear was our expertise across all disciplines, as a rubber compounder and a mixer, as well as a manufacturer.

"This allowed us to see the product's potential, and gave us the confidence to work with our partners in the process. It wasn't always straight forward, but everyone involved could always see the light at the end of the tunnel."

The material was developed by the Head of TARRC's Industrial Support Unit, Principal Scientist Dr Marina Fernando, specifically for the rail industry, which has increasingly specified the need for rubber products to have low smoke and low toxicity.

She said: "Until now, the only rubber matting that met London Underground's fire retardancy standard has been synthetic.

"In a six-month trial at one London Underground station, our natural rubber-based compound proved to be significantly harder wearing than synthetic rubber alternatives. It also has additional sustainability benefits, because 80% of its content comes from renewable resources.

"VIP has played a significant role within the supply chain, firstly because they understood and believed in the product, and were willing to invest significant time and resources, including product testing, mould development, and many meetings with supply chain partners.

"Also, their quality assurance and technical knowledge across all product development processes was pivotal in resolving challenges in taking a material that was difficult to work with from lab-scale production to full production."

BD Technical Polymer used its expertise in compounding and blanking to ensure rubber mixing cycles and blank production were precisely aligned with the requirements to produce the matting in a multi-cavity mould on VIP's 1,000-tonne 3.5m strip press.

Deepak Shah, BD Technical Polymer Director, said: "The high quality of the final product, which has to withstand what must be among the highest mass transit footfalls in the world, could only be achieved by everyone working together and being on top of their game."

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