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Steam Away Gum and Grafitti!

Chewing gum is a menace in modern society. By some estimates up to 3.5 billion pieces of gum have at one time or another been dropped on UK streets. The sheer quantity and difficulty in cleaning it away make this a massive problem. The only satisfactory way of removing it is piece by piece.
Does your facility have a problem with gum? If the answer is yes then Duplex has the solution. We have developed a system to deal with the removal of chewing gum from most types of flooring. Our Gum Go range combines the use of high pressure steam, Gum Go detergent and a powerful vacuum to remove chewing gum in seconds.
The Duplex Ultima Gum Go is mounted on an easily transported trolley and the bigger capacity Duplex Steamtech Gum Go with its own on-board storage can remove chewing gum in seconds.
Gum Go detergent is an environmentally friendly cleaning formulation which has been designed to remove unsightly chewing gum residue from various floor surfaces including vinyl, wood, safety flooring, ceramic, concrete, quarry tiles, sealed or polished surfaces and most types of carpet.
It is safe, fast and easy to use and utilises the heat from the steam and the liquefying action of the hot detergent to quickly and efficiently eliminate sticky unsightly gum whilst operating at a fraction of the cost of most other methods and machines.
The steam and detergent are applied through a specialist brush and squeegee tool using a simple hand held control, dissolving the gum in seconds. The residue is then vacuumed away in one easy motion.
The speed of the system minimises disruption in high traffic areas, whilst its effectiveness transforms the appearance of public facilities both inside and out.
Both Gum Go machines are accepted on the DEFRA Water Technology List allowing UK businesses to write off the whole cost of purchase against taxable profits in the year of purchase.
Graffiti is one of the most visible of all crime and disorder problems that may occur in a community and a real modern-day menace. Other problems that are often associated with graffiti include public disorder, such as antisocial behaviour and loitering. Graffiti overall is toxic for the environment and emits fumes into the air that promote global warming and although the actual paint in the cans is not healthy for our environment, the cleaning substances used to clean the paint off the walls are extremely harmful.
The Duplex Jet Vac Ultima and Steamtech models are also capable of removing graffiti and with their continuous flow steam, integral vacuum and chemical injection they tackle this task effortlessly with optional extra-long hoses up to 12M available for those harder to reach areas.
For schools, colleges, public buildings, in fact anywhere gum and graffiti are a problem why not try the Duplex Ultima or the Duplex Steamtech to make light work of unsightly gum and grafitti.
Duplex provide no obligation demonstrations throughout the UK, just call 01227 771276 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Delta Security installs integrated security solution at Grasmere Primary School

Delta Security, a specialist in automated, high-security solutions, has installed an integrated access control and IP-based HD CCTV system into Grasmere Primary School to enhance security for students and streamline access for teachers and visitors.
Local to Delta Security, the Hackney-based school had been relying on security systems and processes that were not integrated, and large numbers of keys were required for the safe management of the school.
Nick Mallender, Head Teacher at Grasmere Primary School, says after joining two years ago he saw there were efficiencies and improvements to be made: “The organisation of the keys and systems gave our site manager additional work and avoidable stress.”
Nick approached Delta Security after having worked with them in a previous role: “In addition to my experience, speaking with other head teachers it was clear that Delta Security has a reputation for providing the gold standard of security to schools in the area.”
Delta Security specified a Salto access control system that enables school officials to print colour-photograph ID cards that also work as access control cards. Each ID access card is programmed according to the employee or visitor’s access authorisation and ID cards can be deleted at the touch of a button should they be lost or stolen.
Working hand in hand with the access control ID card system is an IP-based HD CCTV system that provides visual confirmation of who has accessed the site and when.
“It has transformed security on the site,” says Nick. “In addition to knowing who on site is meant to be there, we can also protect our confidential documents by restricting access to their location. The CCTV is also much more comprehensive, giving us access to high-quality footage when required.”
Delta Security pre-issued ID cards to employees before works began at the end of the school holidays. Essential to Nick was ensuring the chosen system was user-friendly:
“When implementing change that affects all staff and visitors it is vital that everyone feels comfortable with how it all works. Dave Mundy, Delta’s Managing Director, gave comprehensive training and I’m confident that everyone can take ownership of the new system.”
Grasmere Primary School is home to approximately 240 students. It prides itself on being highly inclusive for children with medical and special educational needs, and has a commitment to local community, the arts and innovative teaching methods.
“We now feel we have brought our security system in line with the innovative culture of our school,” concludes Nick. “I would not hesitate in recommending Delta Security to other schools. Both Dave his and the team of engineers’ communication was second to none, making the installation process seamless.”


Lower Energy Bills Are Driving The Demand For Led Lighting In Industry

Steve Gardner, Managing Director of EcolightingUK talks about led technology and the results they are achieving in warehouses and distribution centres
The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.
LED is a highly energy efficient controllable lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United Kingdom.
The high efficiency and directional nature of LEDs makes them ideal for many industrial uses, particularly warehousing and manufacturing environments where varying degrees of occupancy are required. The desire for lower energy bills is driving the demand for replacement lighting installations, particularly from larger warehousing and distribution centres that operate 24-hours a day.
Ecolighting continues to stand out as one of the UK’s leading lighting specialists with its Pegasus Multibay LED fitting. The Pegasus range comes in multiple wattages ranging from 60w to 320w as well as four different beam angles 15°, 30°, 40° and 120° to cater for a wide variety of applications.
Traditional sodium lighting or metal halide discharge light fittings typically consume 300 – 460 watts, whereas the Ecolighting Pegasus LED light fittings can consume anywhere between 60w and 320w depending on the fitting type even when at full power.
The fittings also have built-in intelligent sensors to detect motion and monitor ambient daylight levels. When there is no occupancy in the area or when there is sufficient ambient daylight, the lights will automatically switch off or operate at just 10%.
On Ecolighting projects we are typically seeing a 24% increase in light output and a 26% reduction in energy over existing energy efficient products in the market today.
We can programme timers so that when the sensors detect movement, the lights in that zone can remain on for a period lasting anytime from 10 seconds right up to 72 hours. With this level of control, we can ensure that lighting is truly relative to activity. This means that when they are on, businesses can afford to pay for them as it is getting a contribution further up the supply chain to perform that activity and when there is no activity required, they are off.
Typically, this results in customers making energy savings in excess of 70%. Return on investment is rapid and is usually within one to three years.
In addition to substantial economic benefits, LED lighting also provides a sustainable contribution towards the fulfilment of long-term environmental objectives for storage and distribution operators. Significantly lower energy consumption means a reduced carbon footprint and less impact on the environment.
Aside from the financial and environmental factors, the most obvious and instant benefit of LED lighting is the superior light quality that the new technology generates. The result of a lighter and brighter working environment is improved visibility and enhanced workplace safety for employees. Our experience at Ecolighting is that workforces are delighted with the improvements in their working environments, an inevitable result of an installation.
Ecolighting designs, manufactures and installs energy efficient lighting in warehouses and industrial premises throughout the country.

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