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Robust Radio That Helps Keep the Show on the Road

In entertainment, it is the behind-the-scenes work which makes all the difference. Crowds might not pay to watch equipment being set up, teams working out logistics, security drills being rehearsed and so on. But without all of that hidden work, no show can happen.

Events and stadium operators understand the importance of teamwork in providing a product for paying punters. When you are out on the road, frequently having to set up and dismantle rides, big tops, generators and lighting rigs, more or less building the next venue from scratch, communication is key. And when you are working outdoors in all weather, you need communications equipment that you can rely on.

Two way radio for outdoor events

The Hytera PD785 two way radio is the ideal communications solution for outdoor events of all shapes and sizes. Tough, weatherproof and packed full of features, it is now available to buy and hire from Brentwood Communications.

The PD785 is a high quality colour display model that is as versatile as it is easy to use. The design will be familiar to anyone who remembers the first generation of mobile phones - a 12-key number pad with green call and red cancel buttons either side of a scroll key. It sits comfortably in the hand and is lightweight to carry, perfect for manual work when setting up or taking down equipment, or for operating on the move amongst busy crowds.

The keys are programmable, meaning you can pre-set actions such as calling a certain contact or group of people with a single button push. The PD785 supports private, team and whole network calling, so there is plenty of flexibility in large teams to target communications at the right people. And with an impressive 1024 available channels, you can always be sure that a line is open to make your call.

The colour display is there to support text messaging as well as to display a searchable contacts list. The model operates in both analogue and digital modes, which means that if you already use older models of two way radios, the PD785 will connect with them as well as providing a route to a digital upgrade.

Weatherproof radio

Crucially for teams who will spend much of their time working outdoors in all types of weather, the PD785 is rated IP67 for water resistance, which means it can withstand being fully submerged up to 1 metre - rain, sleet and snow pose no problems. It has a maximum battery life of 15 hours, so you can rely on it to always work even through the longest of days.

Finally, the PD785 includes a number of safety features which are ideally suited to helping stadium operators look out for one another before, during and after events. The Man Down feature is designed for anyone working at heights, for example during set up and dismantling of lighting and stadium equipment. It uses a motion detector to issue an immediate alarm in the event of a fall.

Lone Worker is a monitoring system which requires anyone working alone in a hazardous environment, such as setting up or repairing heavy equipment, to check back in with the network at regular intervals. There is also an Emergency Button override for raising an alarm at any time.

Find out more

Brentwood Communications is the UK’s leading supplier of two ways radio to the events and entertainments industries. With more than 40 years’ experience supplying to football events, stadiums, carnivals, festivals, fairgrounds, fetes, and travelling performers amongst many others, we can match the right two way radio solution to every situation.

To find your nearest Brentwood office, or to find out more about the Hytera PD785 and the rest of our events and entertainments two way radio range, please visit the Brentwood Communications website.


Artificial pitch innovator tackles health and environment worries

The world-leading manufacturer of infill for artificial sports pitches is set to change the face of the industry with the launch of an innovative new product that eliminates any risk to the health of players and the wider environment.

PRO-gran - launched at the international trade show for sports and play facilities - was developed by Murfitts Industries to answer the growing perception of risks to health and the environment from black rubber crumb artificial turf infill.

Founder and Managing Director Mark Murfitt said: “Although the consensus of the studies about black rubber crumb is that it causes no significant risk to health or the environment, we wanted people to enjoy participating in sport without worrying about the playing surface. A year of research and development later we offer a product that not only eliminates any concern about player or public health, but also creates a more enjoyable playing experience. PRO-gran is a Polymeric Infill that is engineered to offer the very best in performance and is safe for players and the environment. The infill combines the exceptional dynamic properties of rubber which is then coated in polyurethane to make it 100% safe.”

PRO-gran has been through a rigorous testing programme. Exceeding the EU’s toughest standards that are applied to toxicology and toy safety, PRO-gran is 100% safe for people and the environment. It releases no heavy metals, PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) or micro plastics.

With a consistency of play, lower surface temperatures, no airborne particulates, almost no splash, effective drainage and no aroma PRO-gran gives an unbeatable playing experience. In addition it is much longer lasting - tests show that it will remain in perfect condition for over 12 years, well beyond the lifetime of a typical pitch.

With the choice of green or brown, spectators will always be impressed with how good the pitch looks.

Cirencester Town Football Club have been one of the first to use PRO-gran. Secretary Scott Griffin said “We didn’t expect the crumb on the new pitch to be anything special, but it’s amazing! The players love that they can control the ball as there’s a consistency, no dust and hardly any splashing. It’s great as we are very keen to make sure the pitch is safe and healthy to play on now and for the future. Because of PRO-gran everyone involved with the club has peace of mind.”

Mr Griffin added “Another big impact of the new pitch infill is the community benefit. It’s open to everyone, and because of how safe, consistent and gorgeous PRO-gran is, other local teams are making use of this fantastic facility for playing and training. We have also been able to double our junior teams and attract more talent since it was laid.”

Mr Murfitt added “Since PRO-gran has been installed on its first two pitches, the feedback we’ve had from the clubs and installers has been incredibly positive and means that we are able to spread good news about the future of artificial pitches and how they help millions of people in the UK and around the world lead healthier lifestyles.”


New Disabled Facilities At Turf Moor

Burnley Football Club has finalised plans to develop Turf Moor and provide better facilities for disabled supporters under the Accessible Stadium Guide (ASG).

The work outlined below (images attached) takes the spending on infrastructure at the club to around £20m in the past two years, including new office space and a bigger Clarets Store and ticket office at the stadium, and the major uplift to the Barnfield Training Centre.

However, the club has concluded there will be no other ground developments to increase the overall capacity of Turf Moor in the short-term, unless an increase in demand for seats forces a re-think.

Work to bring the club in line with ASG regulations follow a commitment to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which outline minimum requirements at all Premier League grounds.

The club has been given until August 2018 to comply with improved disabled access provisions that include dedicated, covered viewing platforms and new toilet facilities.

Turf Moor will therefore undergo major changes from January, 2018, to provide a number of elevated platforms for wheelchair access.

These involve multi-million-pound building projects in two corners of the stadium, between the Jimmy McIlroy stand and both the James Hargreaves and Bob Lord stands, and the relocation of the jumbo screen.

Following this build, a dedicated, indoor ticket office waiting area will then be constructed to complement the existing building and replace the temporary canopy that is currently in situ.

Access to the corner of the stadium for the upcoming ASG build has dictated the timing of this build.

Work to construct the new viewing platforms is expected to take approximately six months and will involve a consultation with a number of fans who may be affected by this work.

Stadium and Operations Manager Doug Metcalfe said: “This is a significant part of our stadium development and is all about providing the right facilities for our disabled supporters here at Turf Moor.

“Back in 2015, the Premier League made a commitment that all their member clubs would be compliant to the ASG requirements and our commitment is August, 2018.

“Within 12 months, we will therefore have a stadium that meets those requirements.

“It’s been well documented that our disabled supporter facilities could be better, and we need to provide a view and an environment that is equivalent to the general seating within the stadium.

“We are at the end of a design stage now and in both corners of the ground, at either end of the Jimmy McIlroy stand, we are looking at different platform levels, where supporters can enjoy a great view in sheltered surroundings, with easy access, a concession facilities and toilets.

“It’s a large and challenging project and this is not about cost, but about doing the right thing. We have embraced this step change and look forward to getting going in the new year, with a six-to-seven month build time.”

With regard to the new ticket office waiting area, Doug added: “The plan was to retain the temporary structure as a short-term solution until we complete the infill for the ASG.

“We need to provide access in that corner for the construction works, so a permanent indoor area will be built that complements the existing ticket office and will again provide improved facilities for supporters as they queue for tickets.”

Chairman Mike Garlick added: “Many Premier League clubs with older stadia have encountered similar challenges in how to logistically deliver on a commitment following this new Equality and Human Rights Commission ruling.

“We now feel we have a scheme that will finally offer disabled supporters’ facilities that are on a par with able-bodied supporters. Much hard work has gone on behind the scenes to get to the stage where we can present what we are intending to do in two corners of the stadium in the coming year, but I think it’s appropriate to clarify that no further plans are currently in place.

“The two new builds to provide disabled facilities will take our spending on infrastructure, both here at Turf Moor and at Barnfield Training Centre, to over £20m in two years.

“In addition, we probably only ‘sell out’ the stadium three or four times in a Premier League season, and you don’t need me to tell you who those games are against.

“I know, for example, Watford are looking at increasing the capacity of Vicarage Road by 3 - 4,000, but theirs is a different scenario. My understanding is there is a waiting list of 3,000 supporters for season tickets, so there is clearly a demand for an uplift.

“We don’t yet have that luxury, so we do feel the current capacity fits our needs at present. Should that change and we end up locking people out, then it would be remiss of us not to look at that scenario, but as it stands I feel Turf Moor’s current capacity serves us well.”

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